About us

Hello, my name is Melissa and I started Picture Perfect Picnics in the Spring of 2020. I love picnics because you can learn so much about a region and culture by picking up some simple goodies at the local market. Without the fuss of preparing an elaborate meal or spending loads of money at a fancy restaurant, you can slow down and absorb the heart of a community. Stretching your bare-feet out on a blanket with some sumptuous goodies pulls you back in time, and heightens your senses. You begin to appreciate simple things such as the warm sun on your face, the smells of exotic flowers, the buzz of the locals chatting in the park, and the taste of simple, quality foods. Picnics take you back to a time when things moved at a slower pace you could spend your care-free days outdoors all day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Picnic Items sanitized?
All picnic items are cleaned and sanitized with antibacterial spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Blankets, pillow covers, napkins and any machine washable items are laundered after every picnic. Storage area and transportation containers are sanitized before use. We take pride in setting picnics up that we would be comfortable using ourselves.

What if there is inclement weather expected during
your picnic?
We are happy to work with you to reschedule your picnic. In order to avoid any confusion, if there is possible inclement weather we will set up the picnic unless you contact us to cancel. To cancel due to weather you can email  pictureperfectpicnics@gmail.com or text at 919-578-3221.  Please have an alternate date and time prepared at the time of cancellation so we can re-book your picnic.

What if I need to cancel? 
We do not offer any refunds, however we can change your reservation date and time if notified 72 hours in advance.

Can I just leave whenever I want to?
Please provide us a 30 min notice via phone call or text if you would like to leave earlier than the arranged time. You are responsible for the picnic items until we are able to return and pack up.

Will "Picture Perfect Picnics" meet me at my picnic location?
Maps are provided the day of your picnic in order to provide no interaction experience. You are free to discover your very own picnic waiting for you! If you have any issues finding your picnic or have any questions when you arrive you can message us and we will promptly respond to make sure you are 100% satisfied. 

Can I request a specific location?
Main bookings are located at "Dorothea DIX park" or "NC Museum of Art (NCMA)" which offer many different options depending on the experience you are looking for. Options include: city views, private locations and large open fields. If you have another location in mind or would like us to host at your private residence, please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate. 

I added a Professional Photographer how does that work? 
Your photographer will meet you at your picnic for your 30min session. You will be provided a download link to view and download your photo gallery. Special events, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and family photos are best captured by our photographers so you can just enjoy your picnic.  

What if I have my own theme idea or private event?
Please contact us to discuss your idea or event. If we can accommodate we will make it happen!  

What about the Heat?!?!
The summer months in North Carolina can get brutally hot and humid. In order to beat the heat we will place the location in an area that will have shade produced by natural trees during your entire picnic. We include a portable electric fan, hand fans, cold water and cool, moist towelettes.

What if I want to keep one of the items from the picnic?
All of the perishable items are yours to keep. This includes food, water, and fresh flowers. If you are interested in any of the non-perishable items such as the blankets, pillows or décor please contact me at pictureperfectpicnics@gmail.com and I will be happy to provide you the vendor information.