Our Newest Picnic Addition, Maine Blueberries Crates

I couldn’t help but share the history of our new Maine Blueberries crates. Maybe it is because I have a passion for history, but I was so excited to get these and start setting them out with our Rustic Farmhouse picnics! The gentleman that I purchased these from shared their story, which I've provided the "cliff-notes" below for you!

These crates come from a family farm in Maine. His great-grandfather purchased these after he returned from World War 1 in the 1920’s. They’ve been used to harvest blueberries until the 1990's. The crates have been used in many harvests, making each one unique from blueberry stains and repairs, even though they are all the same size. “Maine Blueberries” has been branded into the side of the crates. Most other farmers had burned their wood crates when they shifted to a plastic crate, which makes these all the more unique and interesting!

If you are in Raleigh and reserve a Rustic Farmhouse Picnic with us, take a few moments to study the crate and appreciate the history and stories it holds.