Picnic Platters

Planning and setting a picnic up is a lot of work (duh)! Picnic Platters make the picnic meal such a breeze. A Picnic Platter is just picnic food put together on a tray ahead of time, and covered with Cling Wrap or Plastic Wrap. All the prep work is done at home ahead of time so that you can just unwrap and enjoy when you get there!

For my picnic platter I got a lot of help from Whole Food. I bought a Rotisserie chicken since cold chicken is a classic and, as far as I am concerned, a staple. I also put together a decadent fruit tray complete with pears, apples, peaches, grapes, blue cheese, and honey. I took full advantage of my trip to Whole Foods and bought some cookies and Key Lime Bites. For drink I wanted something a little special so I splurged on an Italian Mandarin Orange soda. Our Picnic Platter was beautiful, filling, and just what we were looking for! It was unbelievably easy - no one would ever guess it only took a few minutes to put together. 

You can put whatever you like on your Picnic Platter! One of the reasons that I love picnics so much is that there are no rules. Cheers!